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Brotox: the rise in male aesthetic treatments


Amongst our valued clientele we have an increasing number of men who are on the hunt for age-defying aesthetic treatments, joining the throng of women for whom injectables and fillers are already a regular feature of their beauty regimes. In this blog, we discuss ‘Brotox’ and the rise in male aesthetic treatments.

Cosmetic procedures are no longer taboo and the youthful look is ‘coming home’ for the boys, who now have the same aesthetic goals as girls – fewer wrinkles, tighter skin and more defined lips.

When it comes to non-invasive treatments, the battle of the sexes is now played on an even playing field. The age-old ‘men age better than women’ assumption has been challenged as more men seek subtle enhancements to look fab at 40 – and beyond.

Indeed, the boom in the number of blokes having Botox has changed the landscape of aesthetic treatments forever – an acceptance of male grooming driving up demand, with the media even coining the phrase ‘Brotox’ in honour of the trend.

The treatment confessions of male celebrities has also sped up requests by men all seeking to subtly slow down signs of ageing.

For some, it provides a much-needed confidence boost. For others, non-surgical aesthetic treatments provide a natural look that gives an overall relaxed and smoother appearance.

Aesthetic treatments can work wonders in the workplace too. With the job market more competitive than ever, men are feeling the pressure to rival their younger colleagues.

Injectable procedures can help to maintain a youthful look to match their rivals, boost a guy’s self esteem and improve career longevity.

For some men, the outdoor life may have impacted negatively on their appearance and cosmetic procedures can reverse the signs of sun-aged skin where it matters most – around the eyes, lipline and naso-labial folds.

As for guys about to tie the knot, cosmetic enhancements are also top of the list of ‘must dos’ for grooms as well as brides, ensure that the couple achieve that all-essential Instagram perfect look on the day.

The great things about non-surgical treatments is that they are discreet – there is no downtime and can even been carried out in a lunch break.

Botox is an effective, affordable and temporary solution – especially for those crow’s feet and wrinkles – erasing or softening lines, with fillers softening shadows, ensuring you have the appearance of looking well rather than different.

Dermal fillers are a safe and tissue-friendly remedy for ageing and can reduce lines and wrinkles as well as augment the jaw, cheek and chin.

At Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic, we understand the importance of healthy-looking skin for your emotional as well as physical wellbeing.

We use a number of scientifically proven products and techniques to get a client face and skin looking their best for that well-rested glow.

Non-surgical or minimally invasive can rejuvenate looks without any interruption to daily life, but just be sure the clinician administering the treatment is qualified to do so and has plenty of experience.

We offer a holistic approach to ground-breaking techniques and offer a thorough consultation with all our patients to ascertain their aesthetic needs and desires – and are honest about how best to can deliver them.

Contact us to discover how we can help you we turn back the years. Together we can achieve the transformative results you’re looking for.

Remember, aesthetic treatments are not just for women!

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