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Woman Considering Plastic Surgery Or Face Fillers

Fillers Vs Plastic Surgery – What Can Be Achieved


With a new year looming, we always see a surge in new client enquiries, many from people who have never had any form of aesthetics treatment. Keen to explore what treatment options are available to them, they often want to know what fillers can do for them and what is realistically achievable compared to plastic surgery options.  Fillers vs plastic surgery, what is possible?

New Year, New You

Let’s first look at the stats behind those new client enquiries:

6 in 10 people dislike something about their appearance.

Of these:

– 70% would do something to change their appearance

– 9% would live with it

– 3% can’t afford it

– 18% are too scared to go under the knife!

That last statistic is not surprising and a very valid one. Plastic surgery comes with far more significant health and recovery risks than aesthetic facial filler treatments undertaken by a trained medical health professional.

These new clients will often consider treatment options carefully over months, sometimes even years, before plucking up the courage to book a consultation to discuss. This is a massive step for them and one that we understand. This is why you will never feel rushed to make a decision, and have the freedom to go away after your consultation and book a treatment appointment should you wish to go ahead.

Whether it is plastic surgery or dermal fillers, you should never feel pressured into making a decision. Our clients return to us time and time again because they trust our Experts and know that we value long term client relationships.

So Why Fillers Vs Plastic Surgery?

As techniques and filler products have continued to develop and evolve, the shift towards non-surgical treatments continues to pick up the pace for several reasons; fillers are non or minimally invasive, cheaper than surgery, and less permanent than surgical options.

Why Choose Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery still has its place in the world of aesthetics. Currently, non-surgical treatments still have their limitations. For example, removing eye bags and neck lifts are not achievable via non-surgical routes. However, new non-surgical treatments are being developed all the time. Whilst plastic surgery procedures usually involve lifting and tightening, it does not replace lost volume or allow us to reshape the face in a way that fillers can.

Why Choose Face Fillers?

Apart from the numerous safety reasons outlined above, fillers are great for replacing lost volume, reshaping areas of the face, contouring and defining areas. Fillers can be used with huge success in masking signs of ageing, such as sagging jowls, which, when combined in the right way, can create complete facial transformations often better than any surgical results.

Amish Patel, Award-Winning Aesthetics Practitioner In Consultation With Client On Face Fillers

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