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Woman happy with her lips which are natural and not duck lips

Lip fillers do not mean ‘duck lips’


The big pout is out and ‘less is more’ is in when it comes to on-trend aesthetic lip enhancements, In our latest journal, we explain why lip fillers do not mean duck lips.

On Trend

Celebrities who perfected the fulsome pout and shared it on social media sites like Instagram made lip augmentation a much-desired non-surgical cosmetic treatment. These days, it’s the natural appeal that is much coveted, rather than overblown so- called ‘duck lips’.

Here at Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic, we have seen an uptake in the number of clients seeking our aesthetic skills with non-surgical procedures to bring out the best version of their smile. This move towards more natural and away from the extreme exaggerated look of years gone by.

Duck Lips Are Out & Natural Is In

Today’s cosmetic makeovers are more about minimally invasive ‘tweakments’ than surgical procedures.  Thanks to advances in medical science and technology, fuller lips can be made to look naturally youthful. With skilful precision, we can apply fillers to give a slight plumping of the lips that lifts the overall appearance of a face, with minimal downtime and without anyone knowing you have undergone an aesthetic treatment.

According to beauty experts, our lips reach their maximum volume in our late 20s and begin losing their fullness from 30 onwards.

If you desire beautiful, natural-looking youthful, here at Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic we offer non-invasive lip filler procedures that enhance lips in a subtle way, improving shape and volume.

How Lip Fillers Can Make A Difference

Lip fillers do not mean duck fillers in expert hands. Lip fillers can increase fullness and create younger, firmer-looking lips and last on average of six months, depending on what product is used.

We can shape lips that have become thin with age, boost volume, address asymmetry, as well as eradicate those fines lines or wrinkles around the mouth.

Before you commit to any treatment, we recommend you speak with one of our consultants who will be able to advise on your treatment and talk through what you require to achieve your desired look. We will also to discuss if the look you want is achievable and suitable, as well as consider alternative options and any risks.

Buyer Beware

With fillers, the primary concern is an allergic reaction, prolonged swelling and inflammation, scarring and infections, which is why it is important you seek injectable treatments from a prescribing medical professional such as ourselves.

Sadly, there are an increasing number of unqualified practitioners offering the treatment on social media sites so always choose someone who is trained in this procedure and experienced delivering it.

Remember, the procedure should always take place in a clinical setting so never accept lip fillers at a party or hotel, in a hair salon, beauty spa or exhibition hall.

If you are considering getting any cosmetic procedure, it is important you find the best prescribing medical professional for you. Make sure they are certified and a member of a professionally recognised organisation. They should be very experienced in the procedure.

Experience The Difference

We understand that not all your questions can be answered on a website because, as with a clinical procedure, one size does not fit all – and your experience will differ from everybody else’s.

For this reason, you will need a thorough consultation with us. We will need to take an in-depth medical history, perform a thorough examination and determine what options are the right ones for you.

Ask what can be achieved with lip fillers and just as importantly, what cannot. You also need to discuss the recovery time, dos and don’ts, any risks of complications and aftercare.

Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic is a Save Face accredited centre and we will always take time to understand what beauty means to you. Together, we can assess how best to achieve great results safely.

For Further Advice On What To Look For In An Aesthetic Practitioner, Read Our Informative Journal Entry; The Safe Way To Cosmetic Treatments.


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