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Woman having a quality lip filler treatment, avoiding cheap lip fillers to protect her health and safety.

Lip Fillers For £99!


Lip fillers for £99? In this month’s beauty blog, our Lead Aesthetics Practitioner, Amish Patel, explains why cheap lip injections don’t equal good lip fillers and highlights the dangers of cheap facial filler injections. Unfortunately, we see a lot of referrals from clinics for remedial and corrective work for ‘botched fillers’, including lip injections—these range from asymmetry issues to overfilling and filler lumps caused by bad injecting techniques and anatomy knowledge.

The Price Of A Good Pout

Cheap lip fillers are often advertised on social media. The beauty industry is full of special offers for cheap lip fillers. So how can they undercut qualified practitioners to offer those bargain cosmetic treatments?

Quality Dermal Fillers Come At A Cost

Quality dermal fillers come at a cost. Most are hyaluronic acid, but they range drastically in terms of their safety record, quality and performance. Someone buying dermal fillers over the internet may not realise that the products they are buying are sub-standard or even counterfeit. We only use the best quality fillers at our clinic and those with the best safety records to minimise the risk of allergic reactions and complications.

Location, Location

When approaching a practitioner, one of your lip filler questions should be to ask where they carry out their filler procedures. We operate out of clinical premises with strict hygiene protocols in place. An injector working from home or in a garden room cannot deliver the same levels of hygiene or safety. I have a pharmacy background so I can prescribe and access medicines should these be required by the client. It’s not about having a fancy practice but a safe clinical environment.

Lack Of Experience

Did you know anyone can buy dermal fillers online and start injecting your face tomorrow with little or no training? This allows unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of the lack of regulations at the risk of your face. I have years of experience and have trained with some of the world’s best and most experienced medical professionals in Harley Street and beyond. So, I can offer a wide range of injectable treatments with total confidence.

As an experienced practitioner, I now train others. I know how to avoid potential risks and deliver safe face fillers that celebrate your natural beauty, adhering to the highest beauty standards.

Training, Insurance, Premises All Cost Money

Our investment in training is considerable. If I wanted to cut corners and go for the cheap route, I wouldn’t have invested in training, quality dermal fillers or the necessary insurances in place to protect our clients, not to mention the clinical premises or staff. These all come at a cost.

So next time you see a cheap lip filler injections deal, ask yourself what corners they are cutting at the risk of your well-being.

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