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woman having a lip flip treatment at Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic

The Lip Flip – What Is It?


If you’ve heard the term ‘lip flip’ but aren’t aware of what it is or if it’s suitable for you, then we explain all in our latest beauty blog, where we explain what, how and why this aesthetics procedure is gaining popularity.

What is The Lip Flip?

The lip flip procedure is where your aesthetics practitioner strategically places anti-wrinkle injections or Botox into the corners of your mouth and the lip border. This non-surgical treatment makes your lips appear fuller without injecting dermal filler.

Why Have A Lip Flip?

Some clients like to have the lip flip in addition to their lip fillers because it gives the illusion of fuller lips without adding further volume with fillers and gives a natural look.

Other clients like the lip flip because they do not want dermal fillers in their lips, but they would like their lips to appear a little fuller in appearance.

If clients have ‘smoker’s lines’ around the border of their lips, this treatment can also positively reduce their appearance by softening these troublesome wrinkles.

Does A Lip Flip Hurt?

Your lips are a sensitive area of the face, but we apply numbing cream around the areas before injecting to help minimise discomfort. The procedure is quicker than having lip fillers, with a series of injections around the border of the lips.

How Long Does The Lip Flip Last?

Depending on the client, the treatment lasts between three and six months. Factors such as age, metabolic rate, and lifestyle all come into play regarding the longevity of any aesthetic treatment, including face fillers.


An Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic client before and after a lip flip aesthetics treatment.

Are There Any Negatives To Having A Lip Filp?

Some clients may find pursing their lips more challenging or have some difficulty with pronunciation given the relaxation of the outer muscles on the lips, but the growing popularity of this aesthetic treatment shows that for many clients, these are not issues.

Lip Flip V’s Lip Filler

The lip flip is created with anti-wrinkle injections and gives the illusion of fuller lips, but lip filler physically adds volume by injecting dermal fillers into the lips. This treatment is often too subtle for clients wanting natural but fuller lip results. Still, it can be a good addition for those clients who already have volume or those who are nervous about having lip fillers but already enjoy the results of anti-wrinkle injections.

Both treatments are temporary, and both will eventually dissipate over time. The lip flip takes seven days to take effect, while lip fillers are instant and continue to improve over seven-plus days. Anti-wrinkle injections cannot be reversed but wear off more quickly in this highly mobile area of the face, while lip fillers are easily dissolved.

At Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic, our client consultations are there to discuss your desired treatment outcomes and review your facial symmetry to determine if the treatment in question will enhance your natural beauty. Our award-winning reputation for delivering outstanding client care and the hundreds of five-star reviews we have accumulated over the years ensure that every single treatment we undertake provides beautiful, natural-looking results.

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