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woman meditating on yoga mat to help boost inner confidence

5 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence


We share our top tips for boosting your self-confidence in 2021. We believe confidence comes from self-care, and in this blog, we share five easy steps to skyrocketing your confidence this year!

Life Coaching

Whether it’s regularly tuning into a positive thinking podcast or booking life coaching sessions with an expert, positive mental attitude is a huge step forward in your quest to become a more confident you. Transforming how you process your thoughts and self-perception won’t change overnight. With time and commitment, things will change for the better.

Exercise For Confidence

Exercise is not only a positive step forward for your mental well-being. The fitter you become, the more it will boost your confidence and your general health. Exercising regularly helps to boost your immunity, reduces your risk of disease, such as heart disease, and helps to keep your brain active and alert. All these positive physical benefits will improve your mental well-being and, in turn, leave you feeling energised and more confident.

Focus On You

Self-care is about mindfulness and being aware of your needs, both physically and mentally. Looking after yourself and focusing on what you need and desire are essential elements in feeling more confident. Whether it’s having a spa day with friends, booking in for an aesthetics treatment or a digital detox day and enjoying a day off. Doing something for you will get those feel-good endorphins flowing and will boost your confidence.

Declutter Your Home

Whether you believe in the harmonious balance and flow principles of Feng shui or not, there is no denying that taking control of your immediate surroundings will empower you. Taking time to declutter your home or even your desk will leave you feeling satisfied and empowered. Decluttering your home or work environment serves multiple purposes; a more functional space to spend time in and a sense of control. Enjoying an environment that you feel relaxed and in control of will improve your confidence.

Review Your Wardrobe 

At Intrigue, we understand how important your appearance is to you. Your appearance has a significant impact on your confidence. Doing something positive and constructive will help you stride into the new year with confidence: Whether it’s booking in for a consultation at our clinic or getting some style inspiration from a wardrobe consultant. Refresh your image with new thinking and feel bold and beautiful!


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