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A beautiful woman enjoying the cold winter weather protecting her skin from the harsh winter elements

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy This Winter


Keeping your skin healthy and looking fabulous can be a challenge over the winter months. Extreme temperature changes, extended periods spent indoors, and the inevitable changes to your diet can all impact on that glowing complexion. In this journal, we share five tips to boost your skincare routine this season

Moisturise Your Skin

Extreme cold weather and wind can make keeping your skin feeling moisturised difficult. The drop in temperature can cause your healthy skin to dry out. Swapping to a richer moisturiser during the winter months can help keep your skin hydrated and add a protective layer against the elements.

Let Your Skin Breathe

Wearing layer upon layer doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. After a soak in the bath or shower, allow your skin to cool down naturally, before putting on too many layers. Healthy skin needs to breathe so make sure that you wear loose layers, avoiding clothing that is overly tight and restricts blood flow.

Use Sunscreen

You might think that sunscreen is only reserved for use during the summer months and looking after your skin in the summer, but the sun’s UVB rays are still intense during winter. To keep your skin healthy this winter wear sunscreen every day to protect your skin from damaging sun rays. Any sun exposure over time will have a cumulative effect that results in fine lines and sagging skin.

Stay Warm, Not Hot

Stay warm, not hot. Turning down the thermostat will help prevent your skin from drying out indoors. By keeping the temperature warm, not hot, inside the home, you avoid the hot-cold-hot cycle when you leave the house. Avoiding extreme temperature changes will help your skin cope better with winter. The combination of harsh cold wind and then hot environments can really dry out your skin especially around your eyes . Exercise is a great way to warm up and get the blood circulation pumping for a gorgeous healthy natural glow.

Stay Hydrated

The temptation to drink hot drinks to keep warm can mean that you end up consuming more tea, coffee or hot chocolate. It’s known that sugar can have an impact on conditions like acne and eczema. As an inflammatory food, too much sugar will play havoc with your skin. Drinking too much alcohol will also dehydrate your skin. Drink lots of water and avoid a diet with too much sugar over the winter months.

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