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Couple Happy Knowing That If You Buy Cheap, You Buy Twice When It Comes To Aesthetic Treatments

Buy cheap, buy twice


We all love a bargain; the January sales, those ‘two for one’ supermarket deals and the crowded cut-price fashion outlets bear testimony to this fact. Let’s face it, they would not be popular staples of our consumer experience if we did not. However, the saying ‘Buy Cheap, Buy Twice’ couldn’t ring more true in the world of aesthetics and here’s why.

Buy Cheap & Risk Your Looks

The delight of snapping up last season’s designer heels at a fraction of their original price can immediately light up a face – but what if we’re considering aesthetic treatments to achieve a similar glow?

When it comes to seeking a practitioner to ignite our looks, the price tag should never be a major factor. Here’s why… Rogue cosmetic practitioners who offer cheap procedures often compromise on equipment, on the products they us, their premises or even on their on-going training. Cut price can mean cutting corners, so be wary of the quality of the treatment they provide.

Quality care is paramount to ensuring safe and predictable outcomes and those cosmetic results you desire and, whilst cost is a consideration, it should never be a deal breaker when hunting for treatments and the practitioner to administer them.

Latterly, there has been much publicity about cases of botched Botox and failed filler procedures – with shocking images of the results, often thanks to poor practice. Additionally, whilst these aesthetic treatments are non-surgical, they are never without risk and opting for cheap procedures at the hands of someone not medically trained is never a wise move.

Side effects can include allergic reactions, such as itching, a rash, shortness of breath, sickness and difficulty swallowing. Reactions can involve profuse bleeding, pain, muscle weakness, redness, swelling and bruising and, although it is very rare, there have also been reports of anaphylactic shock due to a severe allergic reaction.

What To Look For In A Good Aesthetics Practitioner

Any good medical practitioner will explain the risks and be trained (and the equipment) to respond efficiently in any medical emergency.

If your chosen practitioner is not offering treatment in a clinical setting, then think again.

Any good medical practitioner will always offer a consultation before committing to the treatment and should also have experience in administering the treatment and be able to demonstrate excellent results.

Rather alarmingly, non-surgical treatments, such as Botox and dermal fillers, can be administered by anyone – regardless of their training or experience.

And, whilst Botox is a prescription-only medicine, which means it can only be prescribed by a doctor, dentist, prescribing pharmacist or nurse and in a specific patients name, dermal fillers currently require no prescription.

In effect, this means they can legally be dispensed and carried out by anyone without any need for qualifications or professional registration.

Therefore, do choose someone who is trusted and who you feel best understands your needs as well as uses recognised and evidence-based products.

Choose A Save Face Registered Practitioner

Save Face is a government-approved register that we are extremely proud to be listed with ‘excellence’ rating. The register offers an online impartial guide to the best non-surgical cosmetic practitioners.

It also offers an accreditation scheme for cosmetic clinics for whom your safety is paramount, so do look out online for a clinic with the Save Face kitemark – it provides  reassurance that the practitioner is a licensed prescriber who takes non-surgical procedures seriously.

You should always be given a medical health background questionnaire, consent forms, pricing and information about the treatments the clinic is offering upfront. There should be no costly surprises.

The medical practitioner you see should want to provide you with natural results and so anyone trying to encourage you to have more treatments than you need (even for less money) should be avoided.

Remember, a trusted practitioner will never protest if you require proof of qualifications and experience and will never suggest you share vials with a friend as a cost-cutting measure. Sharing needles is a serious health hazard and can spread blood-borne diseases like HIV and hepatitis C.

So, whilst it may be tempting to go to the cheapest clinic you can find or even try a DIY procedure at home, we strongly recommend you do not do this. You will be jeopardising not only your appearance but your health as well.

Cheap aesthetic treatments come at a price so never take an unnecessary risk with your health or appearance. Buy cheap, buy twice isn’t just about the money you spend. More often than not, the cost to your health, looks and wellbeing come at a far greater cost.

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