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8 point face lift

What Is The 8 Point Facelift?


If you are on social media, you will have seen a lot of talk about the 8 point facelift, but what is the 8-point face lift, how much does it cost and do you even need it? Our lead aesthetics artist, Amish Patel, discusses all in this blog.

This is a somewhat gimmicky marketing name for the application of filler across the entire face. Also known as the ‘Liquid Face Job‘, this procedure generally targets eight areas in the face intending to replenish volume lost through the ageing process. It softens wrinkles and restores lost volume in the face, focusing on rejuvenating and giving a more youthful appearance to the face.

We offer the ‘8 point face lift‘ at the clinic, but I prefer to call it the ‘rejuvenation aesthetics facial treatment‘ because it may require more or less than eight points within the face to give the same effect.

Is the 8 point face lift like a surgical facelift?

Unlike a surgical facelift, there are reduced risks and complications and less downtime following the procedure. However, it’s important to note that results are not permanent or as long-lasting as a surgical facelift and require maintenance. Depending on your age and lifestyle, you will need to top your fillers up every 6 – 12 months. Results also vary.

Remember, we are not removing loose skin as you would do in a surgical facelift. We are adding volume in hollowing areas of the face, which will lift the sagging skin. Your age, skin type and even the shape of your face are all factors to be considered, but there’s no doubt that a multi-targeted approach can undoubtedly do wonders for clients.

Do I need an 8 point facelift?

We often have new clients come to us and ask about this procedure, citing that other clinics have recommended this approach. However, very often, it might be just three or four areas that could make a massive difference to the client’s face.

Targeting a client’s areas of concern in the first instance can often be enough. Or we might target three or four areas in one treatment session. Then the client returns at a later appointment to complete the treatment with other areas. Often taking a staggered approach to injectables is the right path both cosmetically and financially for the client.

We also have a consultation with new clients to discuss your areas of concern. I will then give my recommendations on the best treatment from my professional view and experience. If your areas of concern cover eight areas, we may decide to go ahead with one treatment or stagger the treatment over two or more appointments, depending on the time required.

How long does the 8 point face lift take?

This is a difficult question to answer as it varies from client to client. The length of time per treatment depends on how many MLS of filler we require and the client’s tolerance to discomfort. Most appointments are between half an hour and an hour. If we are targeting multiple areas, we book out a full hour. Of that, the actual treatment would usually be around 45 minutes. We use a topical anaesthetic which numbs the skin, and for most clients having fillers is mild discomfort, but for a beautiful outcome, they will tolerate it! For other clients, they prefer to split multiple areas into two or more appointments. I may recommend splitting the appointments up to allow areas to settle and the swelling to subside to gain a clearer picture of what else is required in the following appointment.

How much filler is used in an 8 point facelift?

How much filler we use is dependent on the client’s face. Some clients lose a lot of volume in their faces as they age, others not so much. During the consultation process, I will recommend how much filler I think we would need to get a good result and the cost.

An important note to remember when shopping around for the 8 point facelift is not to go on cost alone. Remember, you are paying for the skill, not just the ml of filler! Experience, training, and a safe, clean clinical environment all come at a cost. If the price seems too cheap, then question why. The practitioner is likely inexperienced, using low-quality or even fake brand filler or working out of a non-clinical environment. Remember, this is your face. You wear it every day. Be safe, and regardless of whether you want the 8 point facelift or just a ‘tweak or two’, choose your aesthetics practitioner with care.

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