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8 Point Face Lift (Liquid Face Lift)

8 Point Face Lift (Liquid Face Lift), Fillers in Kent, Essex and London

8 Point Face Lift (Liquid Face Lift) by Intrigue Clinic

The natural ageing process affects all of us. Over time, we loose volume in various areas, our skin loses elasticity, and wrinkles and facial lines begin to appear and deepen. This volume loss highlights the appearance of jowls, loose facial skin, sunken eyes, dark hollowing tear troughs, and a sagging jawline. While some people may consider surgical facelifts to address these issues, fortunately, there is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure known as the liquid face lift or the 8-Point Face Lift, which can deliver incredible results.

The liquid face lift involves dermal filler injections that are stategically injected into specific areas of the face. It primarily focuses on restoring volume, smoothing out wrinkles and lines, and enhancing facial contours to create a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

One of the main advantages of a liquid face lift is that it is a non-surgical procedure, meaning there is no need for plastic surgeons, incisions, general anaesthesia, or a lengthy recovery period. This makes the liquid facelift an attractive option for those who want to enhance their appearance but are not yet ready to undergo a surgical facelift.

The liquid facelift using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers is an innovative cosmetic procedure that offers a much safer alternative to rejuvenate your face with a reduced risk of infection and complications vs going under the knife with a surgical facelift. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body, so this type of filler is very safe. The non-surgical facelift we offer at our Longfield clinic helps restore lost facial volume, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, smoothes out marionette lines and nasolabial lines (smile lines), restores facial features, including the mid-cheeks, highlights the cheekbone and redefines the jawline, giving the face a more youthful appearance.

The liquid face lift, or ‘liquid lift,’ is an extremely popular injectable procedure and cosmetic treatment with our clients at our Kent aesthetics clinic. It is relatively painless with numbing cream, with most clients reporting only mild discomfort. Most of our liquid facelift treatments take under an hour in the skilled and experienced hands of our award-winning aesthetics practitioner, with instant results.

At Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic, you will have a one-to-one consultation before your dermal filler anti-ageing treatment to discuss your treatment goals, share any details of previous treatments and medical history, and allow us to explain in more detail what the liquid facelift involves in relation to your individual requirements. Everything we do at Intrigue is to enhance your natural beauty, so whether we are reducing the appearance of lines, improving facial structure or undertaking a liquid facelift, our curated collection of non-surgical procedures sets the gold standard in aesthetics and beauty treatments.

Summary of your treatment

Procedure Time

30-45 minutes

(including consultation)

Back to Work


Full Recovery

2-7 days

(swelling usually subsides in 2 days and bruising disappears after 7 days)

On-Set of Results


Duration of Results

12-18 months





Each additional 1ml = £220

Discounts available with Membership plans

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