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Woman With Beautiful Skin Thanks To Expert Summer Skincare Tips

Expert Summer Skincare Tips You’ll Want To Follow


Our expert skincare specialist and award-winning aesthetics practitioner, Amish, shares his expert tips and advice for radiant, healthy and beautiful skin this summer.

Expert Summer Skincare Tip 1: Keep Hydrated

Make sure you keep your skin hydrated this summer. Amish recommends that you tackle hydration both internally and externally;

“During the hotter months, it is easy to reach for fizzy drinks or alcohol to quench your thirst, especially on holiday. However, these will only further dehydrate your body and skin. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your body, mind, and skin replenished. Give your skin a topical moisture drink by applying a lightweight serum. I love iS Clinical Active Serum. It glides onto the skin and is absorbed instantly and beautifully. Most clients use it in replacement of a cream moisturiser. It offers a non-greasy base and won’t cause pilling with make-up or your SPF.”


Expert Summer Skincare Tip 2: Cut Back On The Choc Ices!

Sugar is one of your skin’s worst enemies! During the summer months, the temptation to indulge in cocktails and sweet treats won’t be doing your skin or your recent face fillers any favours, as Amish explains;

“Sugar depletes your collagen. Overeating sugar causes Glycation, a natural chemical reaction that negatively affects your collagen and elastin. This causes them to become weaker, and as a result, your skin will become drier with decreased elastin which causes wrinkles, sagging and a dull like skin appearance. By all means, enjoy an occasional sweet treat but make sure you balance it with eating plenty of skin-loving superfoods.”


Expert Summer Skincare Tip 3: Sun Worship Under A Hat

Love sitting in the summer sun? Cover up with a hat and wear a high SPF is Amish’s advice;

“Sun damage is one of the most common skin ageing issues I see at the clinic. The other changeable triggers come from lifestyle (smoking, drinking, eating a poor diet). I advise my clients to wear a high sun factor all year round. Wearing a hat and a high SPF will help reduce the signs of sun damage, including wrinkles and pigmentation and help to reduce the risk of skin cancer due to sun exposure.”

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