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Mother & Daughter sharing their secrets to retaining beautiful skin as we age

What Happens To Your Face As You Age?


Our genetics, environmental and lifestyle factors all play their part in the way our face and body age. In this blog, our Award-Winning Aesthetics’ Artist and Skin Care Expert, Amish Patel, explains the ageing process decade by decade and shares his tips and advice for ageing gracefully.


Your Face In Your Twenties

Your anti-ageing approach in your twenties is vastly different to your thirties and beyond. Your skin will still have lots of collagen and elastin, giving it a lovely plump look in your twenties. Your skin cell renewal is still rapid, but as you reach your mid 20’s, this will slow down. As the skin’s natural rejuvenation process starts to decline, this can cause the skin to lose some of its elasticity. It’s also important to remember that the damage you do to your skin now will catch up with you in your later years!


Intrigue Skincare Recommendation:  Make sure you wear a hat in the sun, and use sun protection on your face, neck and hands every day. Eat a diet rich in nutrients and be mindful of alcohol consumption (alcohol is one of our collagen’s biggest enemies!) If you’re not already using sun care protection all year round as a preventative measure against UVA and UVB damage, you need to start now. Looking after your skin in the summer and all year around is imperative. Our skincare recommendation is  iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF.


Your Face In Your Thirties

The first signs of ageing are most likely to appear in your thirties. You may start to notice hyperpigmentation (darker patches of skin), fine lines and dull skin. You may begin to see a loss of volume in your cheeks, tear trough area, and your pigmentation may become more noticeable. As your skin starts to thin with age, wrinkles also become more evident.


Intrigue Skincare Recommendation:  Keep your face protected from the sun and wear a high factor all year round and at all times. Ensure that you eat a diet rich in vitamin E, D and C. Beware of the same drinking habits and alcohol consumption you had in twenties. Cut back for your skin, mental health, and overall wellbeing. Keeping your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water will help your skin’s survival against ageing. Our skincare recommendations are Obagi 360 System, iS Clinical Pure Radiance Collection, iS Clinical Active Serum and treatments such as iS Clinical Fire & Ice or Prodigy Peel P2 or Obagi Blue Radiance.


Your Face In Your Forties

Your skin is going to be going through significant changes in your forties. You will notice that your skin starts to lose its elasticity, wrinkles look more pronounced. The sun damage accumulated over the years will begin to appear more noticeable.

Intrigue Skincare Recommendation:  Our largest client demographic are in this category. For these clients, lifestyle, diet, sleep, stress-busting, good skincare and aesthetic treatments are a multi-pronged approach to gorgeous skin. You’ll notice that your skin may look dull as the skin cell renewal slows down dramatically.

Our skincare recommendations are iS Clinical Super Serum Advance +, Hydra-Cool Serum, Active Serum or Obagi 360 System or Nu-Derm System products and treatments iS Clincial Prodigy Peels, and Dermal Fillers.


Your Face In Your Fifties

You may notice that your skin has become considerably more saggy during this decade as you continue to lose elasticity and volume. Your whole approach to diet, lifestyle and skincare will have a significant impact on how you age during this decade. Women going through the menopause may also experience escalated drying and thinning skin. As your estrogen levels drop away, and your androgen levels increase, the skin can become thinner and less elastic. Bone resorption occurs, and this gives way to lost volume in the middle of the face.


Intrigue Skincare Recommendation:  Cut out the alcohol, exercise and practice self-care. Battling through hormone fluctuations during this decade is challenging both mentally and physically, so self-care is imperative. Your post-menopausal skincare should include vitamins and minerals to ensure that your body has everything it needs. Use sunblock at all times. Follow a tailored skincare routine which speeds up skin cell renewal. One which offers ample moisturisation to the skin, keeping it happy and healthy. Looking after yourself is more important than ever. Our skincare recommendations are iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum Advance +, Youth Complex, Neck Perfect Complex products and treatments Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin.


Your Face In Your Sixties & Beyond

If you have looked after your skin up to now, then you should have kept many of the ravages of time at bay. These include hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Without a surgical facelift or fillers, you will have deeper tear troughs, sagging jowls and thinner skin. Liver spots (sun damage) may also start to appear more noticeable on your hands.


Intrigue Skincare Recommendation:  The same application of care of your skin should continue to include a tailored approach to vitamins and minerals. Ensure that your body has everything it needs. You are never too old to start with anti-ageing treatments. If your diet, lifestyle and skincare are focused, your skin can still glow! Our skincare recommendations are iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum, Youth Complex, Neck Perfect Complex, Youth Eye Complex products and treatments Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin.


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